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Our Services | Hull Maintenance | Home Repair & Property Maintenance | Iowa City & Coralville, Iowa

Our Services

Hull Maintenance is here to help you, not just be another bill you get from someone that didn’t do the work you hired them to do.  We have helped many people over the years fix something that would have cost twice as much if done by someone else.

We have gone to lots of peoples houses, condos and apartments to look at something they want done and give them ideas that give the same results but cheaper way to go.  We have even gone to someone’s house to carry the salt downstairs for them.

We have even traded small jobs for cookies. We love cookies. 

We have helped people understand there hot tub or pool that they have had for years but, never knew how it really work or how to use it the way it was meant to be used. We can make those whirling waters work again. We say yes, we work on those. Not sorry, we only work on what we sell.

At Hull Maintenance, we have a lot of ideas and have seen so many problems over the years that we have helped to repair or gave advice on how to repair it. Repair is not always the cheapest to do. Sometimes you just have to replace it.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard the line “been trying to get my husband to fix that broken --------- for 6 months” Along with “what other types of maintenance do you do?”

Hull Maintenance Can Help

From replacing a light bulb to repairing a hole in your ceiling and what ever comes in the middle, it most likely falls in our list of items we repair.